Pier and Beam Foundation Inspection and Repair

Pier and Beam

Pier and Beam Inspection Process:

An Eagle Foundation Repair specialist will listen to your concerns and answer any questions before the inspection begins. The specialist will then inspect the exterior structure for any cosmetic or structural damages, and a perimeter diagram of your foundation will be drawn. Based on clearance, the inspector will go under the structure as far as they safely can. The specialist is looking for any broken, cracked, or titled piers, and piers that are not making contact with the beams. The specialist will also be looking for any beams or joists that are twisted and beams that are broken or rotten. The specialist will be looking for any subfloor that may need to be replaced. The specialist will then move to the inside of the home to also visually inspect the interior floor surface, and the specialist will use any interior tile cracks, dry wall cracks, and doors that appear to be out of square or do not function properly that may indicate repairs needed on your foundation.

If there is no clearance under the home at this time, you will be provided an option for our crew to come over and dig access holes per the specialist directions for a more in-depth inspection under the home. And the cost of this would be determined based on the quantity of access holes that would be needed.

Results from Pier and Beam Foundation Inspection:

The Eagle Foundation Repair Specialist will determine based on the interior and exterior inspection if it is in our opinion that the foundation is functioning as intended or there is work that we would recommend for the stabilization and/or any leveling of the structure.