Foundation & Inspection

Inspection Process

An Eagle Foundation Specialist will listen to your concerns and answer any questions before the inspection begins.  A perimeter diagram of your foundation will be drawn and the exterior structure will be inspected for cosmetic and structural damage.

Brick damage, window pull, spalling, slope direction, and observable cracks will be clearly indicated in the locations which they appear.  Elevations must then be taken of the interior floor surfaces.

Using a ZipLevel, our specialist will determine a reference point and will map elevations throughout the home.  Once this is complete, the elevations will be reviewed and discussed.

Slab on Grade Foundation Repair

There are two types of concrete “slab on grade” foundations commonly found in residential construction throughout South Texas.  First, there is the rebar slab; commonly found in residential construction built during the 1950s and 1960s.  Next, there is the post-tensioned slab; this is the most common foundation implemented as early as the 1960s and is now used almost exclusively in new residential developments.

Foundation Repair Methods

There are a variety of methods used to repair either “slab on grade” foundation.  Eagle Foundation Repair proudly implements the pressed piling method as our preferred method in stabilizing and repairing slab on grade foundations.  This choice in method has been decided based on a few key factors.  At Eagle Foundation Repair, we take careful consideration of our unique soil types found throughout South Texas.  Understanding our expansive and hydrophilic clay-based soil is vital in the decision of repair or stabilization method used in your home or building’s foundation.

Alternative methods can prove to be ineffective and may only address the problem temporarily or incompletely when improperly installed or applied. One example is the ‘bell bottomed’ or ‘drilled’ pier. There are two primary disadvantages to this method of foundation repair: The bell bottomed pier is typically unable to be drilled and poured at an angle perpendicular to your existing slab foundation; thus leaving it vulnerable to ‘leaning’ and ultimately failing in its intended purpose. Secondly, the drilled pier is unadjustable if a pier has ‘leaned’ or failed to perform in any manner.

“Our Tried and True Method”

In contrast, our tried and true ‘pressed piling’ method enables us to achieve greater pier depths directly downward of the foundations grade beam, monitor pressure being applied in stabilizing a slab and adjust the existing pressed pilings if ever required in the life of your foundation and structure.  For these reasons, Eagle Foundation Repair is able to offer a Lifetime Warranty on all work performed and stands by the reputation we have established and upheld throughout our South Texas community.

Pier and Beam Foundation Repair

Pier and beam foundations are often constructed using numerous cast-concrete piers or ‘footings’ that are exposed above ground and provide a concrete base that supports the structure.  Sitting atop these piers are the support beams that carry a load capacity for the superstructure (walls, ceiling, roof, etc.).  Placed atop the support beams, are joists that run perpendicular to the beams and evenly distribute and support the weight of the floor and various objects inside a home or building (furniture, appliances, cabinets, etc.).

Eagle Foundation Repair provides an accurate estimate, based on experienced visual and physical inspections of pier and beam foundations.  We offer a limited warranty on all work performed, including treated-wood replacement or repair, poured concrete pier replacement, and leveling services.

Buying or Selling your Home?

  • Let Eagle Foundation Repair Inspect your home before you put it on the market!
  • We have worked extensively with realtors representing both the buyer and seller!
  • Let us tell you what is REALLY needed, if anything at all!
  • Eagle Foundation Repair provides a clean bill of health report if NO work is needed for a nominal fee!
  • Eagle Foundation Repair offers a Lifetime Transferable Warranty on slab on grade foundation repairs. We proudly honor our Lifetime Warranty and we are always here for your customer service needs.
  • Our Lifetime Transferable Warranty is transferable to future owners of the property and can be transferred to an unlimited number of future homeowners.  Please call for transfer warranty details.

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Please Note: Properties in sand based soils typically require no action needed.  If your property is in sand based soil, the inspection fee is $50.00.  If work is needed, this charge will be waived.